An Eventful Journey of Seven Years

An Eventful Journey of Seven Years 1170 350 Fugo Services

An eventful journey of seven years and more has been filled with learning and experiences. Somanath BM works as “Rockstar – Vendor Management” at FUGO. For Somnath, the years have been about improving his valuable skills, quality, and product knowledge.

Somanath has vast domain knowledge and great communication and negotiation skills. His ability to build a rapport with the client and exceptional time management skills make him an invaluable asset at FUGO. As an individual who never shies away from trials, Somanath readily took up the challenge of building a Vendor Management system at FUGO despite having no prior experience in the same. The team today validates his efforts. He created the vendor management database and included approximately 800 vendor partners across all the states. Besides vendor management, Somanath currently also takes care of the Taxation team. It must be added that handling multiple roles with elan is his strong point.

Somanath started off at FUGO from ground-level roles and worked his way up the corporate ladder, creating a place for himself in the organization and he continues to make breakthroughs that can propel his career further.

Somanath is a team player. His decision-making, planning, and self-management capabilities have helped him work hand in hand with his teammates and his humility is a quality his peers often compliment him for. He has built a strong relationship with the team, and such is the camaraderie that they willingly extend support beyond hours to finish certain projects on time. This shows his leadership qualities. Somanath always motivates the team and leads them by setting an example.

Somanath is good at building rapport with the vendors, and this has helped the organization to build a strong vendor team. His commitment to excellence and flexibility in approaching new challenges along with his penchant for coming up with effective and efficient solutions earned him the title of Top Vendor relationship Manager.

He is a master at learning new things and managing new processes. He can stabilize the new processes within very less time. When there is a huge pressure of meeting the tight turnaround time on receiving the project, Somanath effortlessly takes charge and handles and plans the delivery of the project very well and completes it efficiently. Somanath bonds well with the team and work closely with them in critical situations.

When he is not working, Somanath enjoys exploring different places. Travelling and cooking are things he is passionate about. He also has a unique aptitude to appreciate different cultures and enhances this ability through traveling.

Somanath states that “the 7 years and 3 months at FUGO have added a feather to his cap. His working experience, along with many talented and highly skilled individuals over his journey in the company, has enhanced his collaborative capabilities, he adds. Working together with a wonderful team and the years in the organization are an unforgettable memory along with all the support and opportunities provided throughout these years.”

We at FUGO appreciate the unique skills Somanath possesses and are glad to have such a capable employee in our organization.


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