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Team Lead


  1. Supports team manager and performs management duties in the absence of the manager
  2. Creating an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture
  3. Communicates deadlines & goals to team members and motivate the team in achieving them
  4. Provide training to team members and track their performances
  5. Open to feedback from team members
  6. Recognize high performance and reward accomplishments
  7. Encourage creativity and risk-taking
  8. Suggest and organize team building activities


  1. Two years of experience as a team leader
  2. Ability to develop, implement and assess performance metrics
  3. Expertise in Microsoft Office programs, especially MS Excel
  4. Proven record of boosting team performance and employee retention rates
  5. Excellent communication and leadership skills
  6. Attention to detail


Minimum of bachelor’s degree (any field is fine)


  1. Should have handled at least a team size of 10 members.
  2. Would be quick to learn
  3. Have attention to detail
  4. Have excellent communication skills
  5. Organized and adhere to the timelines
  6. Flexible to work in different shifts
  7. Is Self-motivated

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