Cheers to Dedication and Research Ability That Stands Out

Cheers to Dedication and Research Ability That Stands Out 1170 350 Fugo Services

Each employee of an organization is special in his/her own way. Not to forget the unique talent that they bring along, which adds value to all the tasks they undertake. Fugo believes in nurturing such skills and talents and in providing an employee-friendly work ecosystem, and hence creating policies that support the same. At Fugo, we believe in the power of appreciation and recognize the contributions our employees make.

As a part of our employee recognition drive, we would like to introduce you all to Dhanalakshmi. The Go-to person for any pilot project. She is the first person who comes to our mind when we begin a test file. What sets Dhanalakshmi apart is her exceptional title search knowledge, grasping skill, and adaptability. She never hesitates from undertaking new learning, a quality that allows her to improve constantly.

“Leadership is about vision and responsibility, not power.”

-Seth Berkley

Dhanalakshmi has inherent leadership skills and holds a deep sense of responsibility towards her role in the organization. This truly manifests in the way she never says no to taking additional responsibilities and goes the extra mile to complete the assignments. She has proven to be an asset to every team that she has been a part of.

Her team spirit is absolutely noteworthy. She is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and lending a word of advice to her teammates. Dhanalakshmi truly supports her team and is often their biggest cheerleader. On the personal front, she is passionate about acting and dancing.

There is no such thing as “too much recognition”, which is why we at Fugo invariably take the effort to identify the dedication each employee shows towards their work. It truly honors us to have someone as skilled and dedicated as Dhanalakshmi in our team. It is with immense pride that we recognize her for the “Outstanding Performance and years of service for Fugo”.

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