Title Curative

Our Title Curative experts clear over 300 files a day. We can help you from start to finish

Our Hybrid Curative solution offers data security & privacy, domain expertise, and scalable follow-up efforts that result in effective and a relatively quicker CTC milestone.


At Fugo Services, we offer a range of title curative services. While our global team works on chasing after admin tasks, our US-based team leads the clearing process. All NPI / NPPI stays in the United States. The knowledge and experience of our team will make it very easy for you to work and communicate with us.

We effectively interact with interested parties across the country to ensure your file is ready-to-close as quickly as possible. Additionally, we have experts on our team who help prepare Closing documents.

We help Title Agents from start to finish in clearing a file, we specialize in Refi, Purchase, and Loan Mods.

Providing 200 clear to close files daily our Title Curative experts clear over 5,000 titles every month.

We work on:

  • Refi’s
  • Loan Mods
  • Purchases

Refi and Resale
Curative Experience

Refi and Resale<br /> Curative Experience

Texas based Team
for Texas Curative

Texas based Team<br /> for Texas Curative

Clearing over 300 files a day for
Leading National Underwriters

Clearing over 300 files a day for<br /> Leading National Underwriters


Domain Expertise

Highly experienced title curative experts working full-time

Improved Turn-Times

70% of files cleared within 3 business days on Refinances

Ready-to-Close Faster
Confidentiality and Privacy

Complete protection of consumer data (NPI / NPPI)

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Title Curative and Closing

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