Data Entry

By leveraging AI tools to streamline order entry, policy typing, partner card entries, indexing, long legal descriptions, and more, Fugo Services is your data entry solution provider.

We offer a range of end-to-end data entry support services.


From order entry to commitment/policy typing, partner card entries, Title Indexing, long legal descriptions, and generation of closing disclosures, we do it all. With Fugo, you can experience faster turn time and enhanced quality across your entire title production process.

Contact Fugo Services today and discover how we can partner with your business so your staff can be focused on adding value to the overall customer experience for your clients.

Experience faster turn times and enhanced quality across your title production process.

AI based Engine Supporting and
Enhancing Data Entry Capabilities

AI based Engine Supporting and<br /> Enhancing Data Entry Capabilities

Delivering Over 30,000
Title Reports a Month

Delivering Over 30,000<br /> Title Reports a Month

Support Multiple
Title Production Platforms

Support Multiple<br /> Title Production Platforms


Domain Expertise

Highly experienced title processors working full-time

Improved Turn-Times

Up to 50% improvement with our round the clock service option

Improved Accuracy

97% accuracy using AI

Reduced Operational Cost

Up to 40% reduction in operational cost.

Confidentiality and Privacy

100% data confidentiality assured


Flexibility to scale work during peak times

Contact us today and seek support with
your data entry requirements

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