Title Examination

With an excellent eye for detail, Fugo Services helps identify potential issues on Title Examination and helps you scale your production instantaneously.

Our turnkey solution comprises proprietary technology that allows us to generate commitment forms so you will not need to incur software licensing costs when using us as a supplier. Our team is very experienced in most production software and can complete an exam in your system just as conveniently.


Fugo Services helps local and national clients examine titles and speed up the ready-to-close journey. With our presence in Texas, we are sensitive to and equipped to provide solutions for Texas orders too. We understand TDI laws and go the extra mile to support clients in Texas.

FUGO offers a NO-TOUCH Title exam product, which means you can focus your time and energy on your customer’s experience, and our stateside experts will present the file to you ready for delivery. Since its inception, Fugo has examined over 200,000 titles on behalf of our clients.

We examine 6,000 Titles each month and prepare Commitments.

With over 10 years of experience in the Title industry, our teams are proficient with various production systems, such as ResWare, Qualia, SoftPro, RamQuest, and more

Examining 6000+
Titles Every Month

Examining 6000+<br /> Titles Every Month

Covering Judicial and
Non-Judicial States

Covering Judicial and<br /> Non-Judicial States

Texas based Team
for Texas Work

Texas based Team<br /> for Texas Work


Domain Expertise

Highly experienced title examiners working full-time

Improved Turn-Times

Up to 50% improvement in turn time, leveraging extended production hours and smart technology

Reduced Operational Cost

Up to 40% reduction in operational cost


Flexibility to scale work during peak times

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