Policy Production and Document Audit Recording

Whether you use Simplifile or CSC, our teams can work round the clock and speed up your recording process.
Never have another Policy backlog. Use our one-time backlog solution and then we help you stay current.

Any system, we can jump right into it and get you caught up.

At Fugo, we offer Policy Production & Recording solutions. Our efficient audit and review processes provide a seamless and quick post-closing experience.


We help new clients get caught up each month on policy backlogs. We currently produce over 15,000 Policies every month on different Title systems.

We know how tiring the Closing month ends can be, so take a breather and let us help you. We can scan, audit, and process the recording of your documents from our Texas production center.

Recording? -> Simplifile? CSC? -> Our team is familiar and hands-on with both systems.

Physical recording of documents? -> Our streamlined process will ensure that documents are received, scanned, and mailed out to all interested parties in a timely manner, all from our Texas production center.

With over 10 years of experience in the Title industry, our teams are proficient with various production systems, such as ResWare, Qualia, SoftPro, RamQuest, and more.

Producing 15,000+ Policies Every Month
for Leading National Underwriters

Producing 15,000+ Policies Every Month<br /> for Leading National Underwriters

Support Multiple Title
Production Platforms

Support Multiple Title<br /> Production Platforms


Backlog<br /> Support


Domain Expertise

Physical & Recording experience

Improved Turn-Times

Round the clock service for Recording & Policy, improve turn times by 50%


Flexibility to scale work during peak times

Speak to us for your requirements in post-closing

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