Consistently Delivering a Superior Customer Experience

Consistently Delivering a Superior Customer Experience – Our Secret Sauce

Consistently Delivering a Superior Customer Experience – Our Secret Sauce 1170 350 Fugo Services

Businesses have been transitioning over the years and so have the approaches to retain and engage clients.  Be it a product or service, customer experience is clearly the primary driver. Customer experience is basically how customers perceive their interactions with the company. Customer experience can be enhanced by trying different approaches, in engagement, in policies, and through customer feedback and data analytics. A successful strategy focuses on how to best meet or closely match the customer’s point of view.

At Fugo, people experience takes priority, be it employees, customers, partners, or suppliers. The vision and value system focuses on how each interaction can be altered to bring out the best. Fugo constantly works towards fine-tuning and optimizing the customer-facing processes through the use of efficient technology, innovative talent, industry experience, secure and compliant business practices to increase the value. Here are 4 things that Fugo has incorporated into its system, to consistently deliver a superior customer experience.

  1. Improve Order visibility: Fugo has always been an early adopter in leveraging technology to facilitate interactions with customers. We internally track our orders on our systems and we have also been providing a dashboard to the customer so that they are clear and know about the order status. Any alerts, major transitions, and even documentation are all shared, making it electronically trackable and convenient.
  1. Ability to generate Custom reports, on-demand: Fugo focuses on accurate and up-to-date information, this includes a plethora of pre-designed reporting templates across title and tax search. However, considering the fact that every client has a unique requirement, the reports can also be customized on-demand, with fields added or removed and new comparisons mapped. White labeling of the reports is an aspect that allows Fugo to deliver exactly what the customer needs.
  1. Managing rush orders and exception handling: Classification of orders or order prioritization is a practice that allows Fugo to enhance the customer experience. Thorough title examination, title search, tax inputs, etc. is followed by validation and categorization. Transactions confirming to specific rules are flagged and redirected for exception handling by experts. Follow-ups through personalized interactions by the customer service or relationship manager etc. help in further verification. It is also possible to cater to specific requests from customers about rushing some specific set of orders etc.  It is this robust system that helps in improving the turnaround time and enhancing the accuracy of the service provided.
  1. Vendor rating and improvements: Customer experience is a continuous process that relies on feedback and improvements. For every interaction with the client, Fugo ensures to get periodic feedback that can help in improving the processes. The feedback for various factors, including quality of delivery, lead time,  price, and several other variables, helps in a clear evaluation of what more can be done to improve the customer experience.

At the heart of all the processes are the Core values that Fugo Services adheres to. The vision to work towards sustainable partnerships driven by a value system that focuses on the consistency of all business decisions helps in strengthening the relationship with the clients, external stakeholders, and partners. At Fugo, teamwork is a culture that drives collective thinking, planning, decision-making, and cooperative actions, enhanced through strong communication that helps in nurturing a healthy environment.

Fugo is a Texas based, Technology-driven, Back-office Company, that provides unique and creative solutions to the Title Insurance and Mortgage lending industry. The range of services includes title production, title examination, tax reports, title curation, policy production, eRecording, data entry, and origination services. A brand that focuses on efficient and transparent work culture. Fugo has been partnering with different organizations and successfully delivered value-added services to partners and clients.

Are you seeking assistance with your Title Production? We are excited to announce that Fugo, your Texas-based back-office is going to be at NS3 this year as a silver sponsor. Fugo provides innovative solutions leveraging technology to Title companies, helping them streamline title production. Let’s get together and discuss. Schedule a meeting now.


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