Determination That Goes a Long Way

Determination That Goes a Long Way 1170 350 Fugo Services
“There’s only one way to succeed in anything, and that is to give it everything.”

– Vince Lombardi

It is said that customer experience is actually derived from employee experience. All the systems, processes, surveys, insights, would mean nothing if the people are neglected. At Fugo, we focus on our employees. We believe that commitment comes in gradually through trust and interactions. And this has been proven right repeatedly.

It is with pride that we celebrate the 9+years of dedication that Syed Waseem has shown towards Fugo. Waseem has been truly committed to the tasks assigned to him and has proved to be an asset to the company through his hard work and commitment. Waseem is a loyal employee in every way and his actions set laudable examples for his colleagues.

The Right Balance

True talent doesn’t lie in working day and night but in managing tasks smartly and saving time to pursue one’s own interests. A passionate photographer, Waseem has showcased the ability to maintain a fine balance between work and his passion (Photography). His never say No attitude and his incredible interpersonal skills are attributes that make Waseem a great team player.

He has shown that having a creative hobby, in fact, enhances productivity. He mingles and interacts well with the teams he is associated with. His presence often tends to inspire those around him and hence leads by example.

At Fugo, we truly value employees who make a difference through their steadfast actions. Motivating and encouraging them to stay associated with us for a long time is what we do. And in doing so, we give due credit to our employees for their contribution to the organization. We proudly celebrate Syed Waseem for the “Outstanding Performance and years of service for Fugo”. His devotion and commitment towards the organization have been monumental in building a strong and committed team.

Connect with Waseem @ and use this opportunity to give him a big shout-out and join his peer circle to interact, learn and improve.

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