Setting an Example Through Dynamic Actions

Setting an Example Through Dynamic Actions 1170 350 Fugo Services
“Words will hold some water, but actions carry buckets full”

– Christine Szymanski

Any organization is essentially a group of employees. Employees with different strengths and entirely unique ways of execution. While training and manuals may add a certain process, it’s often the individual who adds the extra effort to fine-tune it.  At Fugo, having faith in our employee’s capabilities has often left us in awe with how powerful and efficient self-driven actions actually are.

Shivakumar is one such employee who has proved that adaptability is a unique skill to have. During his 7+ years at Fugo, Shivakumar has paved his own path, one step at a time. He is what we would call a home-grown talent who started off as a processor and scaled to a manager position. A self-made man, Shivakumar is really soft-spoken, easily approachable and a team player who leads by example.

The Perfect Blend

Loyalty, self-motivation, strong self-confidence, proactive coordination and communication, Shivakumar is the epitome of all these and more. He currently manages Title Operations and is responsible for a team of 75.

One of his primary tasks involves ensuring that the SLA’s are met on a daily basis, which he handles exceptionally well. We have seen that Shivakumar, works well under pressure. A man of action, he is an expert at managing large projects. He always ensures to follow the project plan, making day to day adjustments based on the dynamic variables associated. He successfully achieves deliverables on a daily basis, which truly proves his skills.

A great leader, Shivakumar takes complete ownership of any task, projects assigned to him. No matter what the challenge, Shivakumar has always managed to effectively draw a plan, co-ordinate and execute it really well, and set a great example for his colleagues.

Work apart, Shivakumar is really passionate about Modeling. A trendy person with a bold sense of fashion, he sure has his way of making heads turn. He regularly participates in fashion shows and events across the country and spends time doing what he likes.

At Fugo, we celebrate changes, positive attitudes, and dynamic actions. When we see employees who are highly motivated and passionate, their attitude inspires us too. We do our best to motivate and encourage them by giving them due credit for their contribution to the organization.

We proudly celebrate Shivakumar for the “Outstanding Performance and years of service for Fugo”. He has proven that self-motivation goes a long way and with a motivated employee the growth just happens organically.

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