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Abrar, an Assistant Manager at FUGO, says this through his actions. Abrar is a self-motivated individual with exceptional decision making and planning skills. His greatest strength is process knowledge, dedication, and keenness to learn new things. He is responsible for training people on title basics, policy typing and title typing, which has helped the company stabilize many processes.

Abrar’s problem-solving, analytical, leadership and computer skills are noteworthy and have made him an indispensable part of FUGO. Abrar joined FUGO as a Process Analyst, and his self-drive led him to his current role as an Assistant Manager. He has been managing his new role quite well, and his adeptness at learning helps him give his very best in every task assigned to him. He is good at people management and has always worked towards delivering more than what the client expects.

Clients often speak about his work and services. He has received much appreciation from the customers because of his extraordinary performance and the clarity of communication which enhances the interactions. He has infact been appreciated greatly by a customer in the same field. Abrar was able to fix a recurring issue by adding a checkpoint in the production report.

Abrar received the Debutant Award in 2016, the Extra Miler award in Feb 2018 and in May 2018 too. His efforts are well noticed and appreciated. He is the go-to person for any new process transitions, such as Policy Typing, Commitment Typing, and Title Typing. He is responsible for working on the test files and works with the client closely on the feedback and new learnings. He also often works on plans to train the team to take care of the process in a steady state.

Abrar is dedicated, loyal, a team player, truly accountable, holds excellent integrity and is always hungry to learn new things. He has competently managed to work under pressure and keep the situation under control. However, even in such cases, he has managed to develop a workable plan and execute it in the best way possible.

Abrar has a unique quality of working in the background to understand each task’s effort and challenges. He does his groundwork to put a plan in place to help the team to achieve the defined performance requirements efficiently. This showcases his leadership quality. The transparency he maintains with the team helps in building rapport with them. He is a team player, and all his efforts are often directed toward holding the team together to obtain the best results.

When he isn’t focused on working, he passionately admires everything about nature. Be it through Bird Watching, Travelling, fishing or even learning new things, Abrar pursues his passions with flair.

We at FUGO admire the skills that Abrar as an individual adds to the organization. We are proud to celebrate such an invaluable employee.

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