work culture – a key element in finalizing partnerships

Work Culture – A Key Element in Finalizing Partnerships

Work Culture – A Key Element in Finalizing Partnerships 1170 350 Fugo Services

Every organization has its own distinct flavor and unique characteristics that identify and differentiate it from others. Better known as ‘work culture’, it defines so many areas right from the various in-house policies to even the basic dress code. When developed in the right manner, this culture — the attitude and structure of the company — can help attract and retain workforce, improve business outcomes, and build robust partnerships.

At Fugo Services, we believe that a strong work culture within the organization is extremely important to help differentiate our business from that of our competitors. Our work culture is essentially an integrated canvas of shared beliefs and values that are communicated and reiterated through various means, eventually shaping the perceptions of our employees, their behavior and their understanding. You can say that if our company structure can be viewed as the body, then our culture is its soul!

Some Key Components That Define the Exceptional Work Culture at Fugo:
Our Vision

We believe that while companies always have vision statements, they should never be limited to the pitch deck. For us, the vision of Fugo Services is lived, breathed and woven into our culture. The result — our vision has always formed the backbone of long-term, sustainable partnerships. Our vision defines our existence for everyone, including our partners and narrates how we interact with the outside world — specifically with our customers, partners, suppliers, media and other stakeholders.

Our Values

Having clear company values helps in ensuring that all employees as well as senior management are working towards the same goals. At Fugo, our core values support our company’s vision and shape its culture. The consistency is such that all our business decisions are aligned with our strong values which in turn help strengthen our relations with outside stakeholders like our esteemed partners.

Importance of Teamwork

A culture of teamwork and a shared belief in cooperation can help foster a unified approach to how work gets done in a company. At Fugo Services, teamwork is the essential cornerstone that helps us create a work culture which values collaboration. Rather than encouraging competition, we have a culture of teamwork that creates opportunities for employees to work together and use all available resources to reach business-wide goals. Since we encourage a teamwork environment within our organization, our people understand that thinking, planning, decision-making, and actions are better when done cooperatively. All this finally helps us bolster partnerships with our external stakeholders.

Strong Communication

Communication is a big part of every business relationship. This is very much true in all our initiatives too. Strong communication is necessary for the growth of a company because it impacts every aspect of the company. It affects the company’s relationship with employees, suppliers, customers and partners. Within our company, effective communication is the mainstay that nurtures transparency and trust while building healthy morale among our employees. We have noticed that good communication has helped increase accountability and enabled us to develop strong partnerships.

How Fugo Has Benefited from a Strong Corporate Culture:

With full transparency in a company, employees are much more comfortable and can reach their goals in a better manner improving the organization’s productivity and profitability. This is something that you will notice in all of our engagements at Fugo. Since transparency is an intrinsic part of our corporate culture, our employees are more engaged and committed to the vision of the company. They fully understand our mission, feel encouraged to share ideas and bring about innovation to achieve the desired objective.

Performance Measured

Tracking performance is a powerful way to align team members with company goals, motivate them to be productive, and see what progress is being achieved towards those goals. At Fugo, along with the presence of a solid corporate culture, we also have strong key performance indicators (KPIs) that show us the right direction.

Pillars of Strong Company Culture: Culture, Education and Process

A learning culture or a culture that encourages education needs to be an integral part of company culture. This is especially important in the current climate, because it helps organizations respond positively to changes in their external environment. It helps them take action quickly across the whole organization to ensure survival or growth. At Fugo, we believe in this and mirror this through interactions with our partners.

We always identify the right kind of processes that will help strengthen partnerships. Process goals can be looked at as group norms or shared agreements among members about the expected behavior and shared values. Process goals form the basis of how a partnership team should work together which helps merge two independent corporate cultures into a cohesive group.

Why We Are Proud of the Culture at Fugo Services

At Fugo Services, we believe our culture is our Brand. Through our efficient and transparent work culture, we have managed to pave the way for a hand-in-glove partnership with our clients. We have a structured approach to the Process Life Cycle Management that ensures predictability in our operations. By establishing a strong corporate culture and work style, we have successfully been able to generate the most value to our partners and clients.

It is important to be thoughtful about developing the right kind of work culture in a company to ensure the success of partnerships. Once the right kind of values and norms are established, they will help carry the company across the finish line in partnerships. After all, at the core of every business is strong partnerships and people, and it is the company’s ability to deliver to them which will ensure its future success.

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